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Notary Certification of a Russian document

It can be time-consuming and demanding to obtain the necessary certification of Russian documents – simply post your original documents to us and we will take care of everything for you!

True copy of the original Russian Document:

We can issue documents we have translated with a range of certification types, including Russian translator certification, notarized Russian translation, certification of true copy of the Russian original, Russian legalized translation for use in any country where Russian is not the official language. For some Russian translations an Apostille certification is required. We can also validate any Russian translation you may already have done and subsequently perform any of our certification services.

Russian Power of Attorney

In collaboration with Irish notaries we can draft a Russian Power of Attorney for you in English or Russian, or prepare a Power of Attorney for the Russian Federation.

We assist in preparing Power of Attorney for receiving a Russian passport, Power of Attorney for selling property, Russian Parental consent, Russian Inheritance Acceptance consent etc. You don't need to have a complete document already prepared; simply tell us what powers you would like to delegate and we will draw up a finished document within one working day which will be proofread by our linguists and by a solicitor. You will only be required to sign the document in front of a solicitor or a notary and we will make an appointment with the solicitor  at a time most convenient to you. The solicitor will verify your identity and confirm the powers described in the document.

We can legalize your Power of Attorney for the Russian Federation; please see www.apostille.ie  to see our certification and legalization services including Apostille certification. We can also translate via a second language – please see www.ales.ie  for more information.

Apostille services for the Russian Federation

An Apostille certification of a document for the Russian Federation is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin and authenticates the Russian translation, document as well as a signature of the authority who notarized the document. Apostille certification verifies the country of origin of the document, the conditions under which the document was signed and the identities of all signatories, including that of the authority issuing the certification.

If your documents are authenticated by Apostille, they will be recognized as legal and official documents in all countries signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961. For more information including impartial advice on whether your documents will require Apostille certification, please contact us or visit our partners at www.apostille.ie.

We usually Apostille documents including:

  • Notarized documents such as Russian Power of Attorney, applications, police clearance documents for Russia, marital status documentation and Russian documents certified by a Notary
  • Adoption certificates for Russia
  • Corporate or business documents such as tax registrations, incorporation or merger certificates, accountancy documents, articles, memoranda and audit committee reports to be used in the Russian Federation
  • Education certificates such as diplomas, degrees, certificates
  • Documents issued by the Registrar Office or similar authority, including marriage, birth, death and divorce certificates.

If you need to Apostille any document not listed above, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you. Although it is most usual for a document to be sent for Apostille after translation, we can additionally translate a document which has been Apostilled. Please contact us or click here for more information in our Russian translation services.

We are also proud to offer a unique service to Apostille documents in Russia. This will considerably  save your  time and money – just post your documents to our Dublin offices and we will take care of everything for you. We deliver your documents to our Russian partner office, deliver them to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Moscow and return the documents safely to you.


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